Services – Media Training

Communicating an organisation’s ethos, strategies and goals is crucial to how it is viewed. Get it right, and the organisation is seen as authoritative, credible and in control of its situation. Get it wrong, and these things evaporate with a damaged reputation as a distinct possibility. Everybody knows that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so why take that risk?

Media training and subsequent coaching of staff not only builds the positive profile of the organisation, it also builds the confidence of those trained and coached. For anyone who may have to work with the media, it puts them in a position of confidence over what they have to say, how to say it and to do so with confidence.

John has worked with a range of managers in a variety of company situations, including individuals from blue chip corporations and international charities. Whether in a one-to-one or group situation, John can help develop people and the business from which they come to be more effective, better understood and confident with relevant and timely training to deal with any public speaking or media challenge. This goes too for front line staff colleagues in a first contact role with members of the public or existing and future clients.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch should you be looking to develop your people and how they work with your brand and business. John will be able to tailor a package of training, coaching or mentoring to your needs and at a competitive price to suit your budget. Testimonials are available upon request.